Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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SPOTTED: Careful B, don’t forget your first rule of battle: beware of Basses bearing gifts. 
When the battle ends and weapons are put away, new strategies take shape. Soldiers decide to fend for themselves. New alliances are made. But there are casualties. In matters of love and war, all weapons cause injury. The questions is, who will live to fight another day. XOXO — Gossip Girl
SPOTTED: Careful, B. Jack Bass’ weapon of choice comes fully loaded. And if he hits his target there’ll be at least two victims.
SPOTTED: Little J out and about in the big city.
SPOTTED: Every war has its weapons. But on the Upper East Side the rules of battle are simple: there are no rules.
SPOTTED: If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want. A few lucky ladies can do no wrong. Their looks: perfection. And they’ve got accessories to match. But most girls get tired of the same old look. And they’ll do anything to get the hot new piece on their arm. And then there are those with no vision of their own. Thieves of fashion who will steal the shirt off your back. And always remember, appearances can be deceiving. But whatever you wear, always dress to kill. XOXO —Gossip Girl
SPOTTED: Bringing sexy back. Serena at Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion show.
SPOTTED: Looks like Eleanor’s line is going to bring a whole new meaning to high fashion. 
We hear Eleanor’s show brought down the house. Sounds like a night to remember - if you can.
SPOTTED: There’s something about waking up the morning of a fashion show, the smell of pleats wafting through the city. Nothing quickens your blood more than haute couture.
SPOTTED: Breakfast at the Van der Woodsen penthouse.
SPOTTED: They say the clothes make the man. But who makes the clothes? On the Upper East Side, it’s Eleanor Waldorf. And we hear her new line is to die for. Better get back behind that sewing machine Little J.